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Quartz Countertops have the new modern look that everyone is looking for. The Marble look that quartz has is what helped it becoming so popular. Quartz is unique in it’s own way and preferred by many people now a days when it comes to countertop replacements. Even though quartz is higher in price compared to natural Stone, the demand does not seem to stop growing.

Quartz contains 93% of Natural Quartz mixed with Epoxy Resin and 7% of Pigments and minerals. It is not as heavy as natural stone so that means less weight on your cabinets. It has a stone like feeling and is actually considered an Engineered Stone. Always keep in mind that Quartz is scratch, stain and damage resistant; not proof. There are many manufacturer’s and different brands on the Market for Quartz countertops. It is always best to make sure to know the warranty of the material you are planning to buy, since every Quartz company has different warranties.