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Marble is a reflection of natural beauty itself. The mesmerizing look of marble is what draws people to buy Natural Stone countertops.  Marble comes in different colors although the original marble color is white, with sometimes more sometimes less obvious black veins and swirls in it. Turkey, is the leading Supplier for Marble Countertops.

It is safe to say that almost 85% of people in the Market for countertops, originally seek for the Marble look. As much as we appreciate the beauty of Marble, we do not recommend it for heavy duty kitchens nor bathroom vanities. The reason behind this is that Marble is the softest Natural Stone ever used for  countertops. It’s soft surface withstands heat almost as much as Granite does but Marble surfaces tend to scratch and stain very easy.  Which later on can becomes  a problem since it is so difficult to get rid of those scratches and stains.

If Marble is what you’re in the market for, we highly recommend you look into Quartz instead.